“Five years of medications and their side effects devastated my life until I found
The Parkinson’s Playbook.”

“It takes a team of experts to put Parkinson’s on the Defense.

Some coaches help me push back depression, anxiety, and stress.

Others keep my
body strong and flexible.”




“After six years of running
the plays in The Parkinson’s Playbook,
most people do not even know
I have Parkinson’s.”

Available 2017



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About Me

After a forty-year career as a Landscape Architect, I found myself fighting for my life. Team Parkinson's was winning until I found The Playbook. Today, my mission is to provide a ray of hope for those suffering with Parkinson's.

“Bob defines the extraordinary response to chronic illness. Applying the same collaborative, creative approach that characterized his professional career, he is winning over his disease. The Parkinson’s Playbook is an amazing journal of powerful plays and lessons learned.”

- Nan Anderson, FAIA

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