About My Parkinson's Playbook

The Most Difficult Game You’ll Ever Play…
Against an Unrelenting Team…
Now has a Playbook
- Available Now!

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The unannounced game kicked off with a tremor in my hand in 2005. By the end of 2010, Parkinson’s had devastated my health, my career, my marriage, and my hope for the future. It was a game for my life, and it looked like Team Parkinson’s was going to decimate me.

Fortunately, one of my old friends stepped out of the stands and on to the field, and handed me a playbook that would change my life. Knowing it was my only hope, I followed it play by play and was shocked at the results. I had found a way to push Team Parkinson’s back and gained momentum with some big wins.

Just one year into working this playbook, my health had transformed so much that people didn’t recognize me and certainly would never guess that I have Parkinson’s upon meeting me. Symptoms subsided, vitality improved, hope returned, and I set out to share it with those who feel powerless against Team Parkinson’s.

In The Parkinson’s Playbook, I weave the original playbook and my personal story, which work together to create a powerful guide to put Parkinson’s on the Defense.

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • How to Build Your Team of Coaches and Players
  • Alternative Therapies to Help You Reduce Symptoms
  • Tools and Strategies to Manage Your Mental and Emotional Game

If you are ready to push back and put Parkinson’s on the Defense, this is the book for you. You can turn the tide of this game!

Publisher - Hatherleigh Press and Distribution - Penguin Random House

“Bob’s Playbook gives a new meaning to dedication and perseverance. It takes both and more to complete the game he so wonderfully describes as he accepts his fate as a sweet victory over Parkinson’s. You are playing a great game, Bob, and belong in the Hall of Fame for Your effort!”

Donald Godi, FASLA

“Bob’s story is proof that our bodies and minds can heal themselves when they have what they need to do it. This book will transform many lives!”

Amanda Johnson

True to Intention

“Robert Smith, you are an inspiration to so many! When you were my yoga student, I was continually amazed at your determination to stay strong, flexible, and positive...Your story has the potential to help so many people with Parkinson's! I wish you love and blessings on your journey with The Parkinson's Playbook.”

Deborah Lonergan Yatsko

Hatherleigh Press - Publisher | Penguin Random House - Distribution