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Days in the Life

Each day, I follow the same routine—morning, noon and evening—as it is easy to skip the little things that help maintain your quality of life. When I wake up in the morning, the body is stiff from laying in one position, so as soon as I swing myself to the edge of the bed, the first thing is to flex my toes against the nearby wall so my feet are ready to stand up. Before going downstairs for pills, breakfast, and supplements, I limber up my body for five minutes with forward folds, cactus (arms stretched to open the chest), sit on my heels, flex the fingers and hands, along with general stretching to wake up. Then I brush my teeth, comb my hair, and wash my face. Now I am ready to begin the day, fresh and alert to confront Parkinson’s.

My Blog will highlight other daily routines in
subsequent postings.

PS: Today, I had my six month check-up with my GP, and his comments were: “Your exercise routine and positive attitude keep you at the head of the class.” I held out my left hand and he said, “You are like a rock. Keep it up!”