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Event and Conference Speaker

I love sharing my story and the best of The Parkinson’s Playbook with LIVE audiences. As an event and conference speaker, I can tailor the presentation to the needs of the event and audience.

My goal with every audience is to educate people about this disease and the plays that are the most helpful in pushing it back, as well as inspire them with my story to take action because commitment and perseverance will change their lives.

When speaking to an audience facing Parkinson’s, the presentation is formatted to emphasize The Parkinson’s Playbook that deals with the specific treatment strategies, both traditional and alternative self-healing practices that worked for me in putting Parkinson’s on the Defense.

Panel Participation

As part of a panel discussion, I can quickly share my journey with Parkinson’s and the treatment strategies that were instrumental in slowing down the disease—strategies that I don’t see anyone else in this arena discussing. Plus, I love the LIVE Q & A opportunities—providing the audience an opportunity to seek support with their particular situation.

Breakout Session /
Workshop Leader

As part of a conference format, I can participate with other speakers in a workshop format or lead the discussion on a wide range of subjects regarding Parkinson’s. I’m happy to share my stories and every play I know and have used, from diagnosis, to living with the disease, to traditional medications, to supplements, muscular therapy, exercise, and the mental game that everyone with Parkinson’s has to face.